Well-being trekking in Pyhä-Luosto National Park

Guided hike in Pyhä-Luosto National Park

Pyhä-Luosto National Park is one of the oldest national parks in Finland. The core of the park is the southernmost fell range in Finland. Guided three-day well-being hike offers hikers the opportunity to immerse in the diverse nature of Pyhä-Luosto and focus on one´s own well-being. Just under 40-kilometers hike starting in Luosto, takes us through old coniferous forests, bogs and rocky ravines and gorges. On the last day of the hike, we ascent area´s highest fell Noitatunturi.

We organize two similar guided hikes in Pyhä-Luosto National Park in autumn of 2022.

Both hikes include:

  • The starting point is at Luosto (can be reached by bus, taxi or car)
  • During the hike each and everyone´s wellbeing is of most importance.
  • Hiking is suitable for both beginners and more experienced hikers. Day trips vary between 10 and 16 kilometres.
  • Participants will receive preliminary instructions about the route, camping places, safety, and tips on how to minimize weight on the backpack.
  • During the hike, we learn about hiking culture, local life and tourism, and plant and bird species of the area. A curious Siberian jay may come to greet us, and we may share the path with reindeer.
  • Along the way, we collect berries and mushrooms whenever possible.
  • During the hike we do short mindfulness exercises and stretching exercise in the evenings.
  • The hike ends with a common campfire meal prepared by wilderness guide Sonja Lassila.
  • During the hike we follow Metsähallitus’ outdoor etiquette. We hike and act responsibly.
  • A safety & emergency plan is drawn for each hike separately.

HIKE & DREAM IN A TENT on week 36 (tentatively Fri-Sun)

  • Two night in a tent, hammock, or other outdoor shelter.
  • First night at Pyhälampi campfire site with lean-to shelter and a day hut.
  • Second night we spent in the immediate vicinity of the Huttujärvi rental hut. Sauna is for us to use and there is a possibility to dip in Huttujärvi lake as well.
  • Number of participants on this hike is 4-8.
  • The price of the hike is 375 euros.

HIKE & DREAM IN A HUT on week 37 (tentatively Fri-Sun):

  • First night at Kuukkeli rental hut. Rental hut Kuukkeli is located in a nice spot by Pyhäjoki river in the old-growth forest of Luosto. There are two rooms and a sauna at the hut.
  • Second night at Huttujärvi rental hut. This is a comfortable four-person hut with sauna for us to use. There is a possibility to swim in Huttujärvi lake as well.
  • Both huts are well equipped with gas stove and kettles. See hut pages for more details.
  • The minimum and maximum number of participants is 4.
  • The price of the hike is 450 euros.

What is included in the price?

  • Guided hike and information package (equipment list, hike details by day, safety & emergency plan).
  • Non-alcoholic starter drink, and campfire lunch at the end of the hike.
  • Sleeping in a hut (Hike & dream in a hut).
  • Sauna

Price does not include:

  • Transportation to and from the national park. For an additional fee, we can arrange a return transfer from Pyhä to Luosto at the end of the hike.
  • Accommodation before or after the hike. Luosto and Pyhä have a variety of accommodation options.
  • Hiking meals other than campfire lunch at the end of the hike
  • Participants must take care of their own insurance.

Pyhä-Luosto National Park is its relatively easily accessible by public transport and both hikes are planned with bus and train connections in mind. By train, you can conveniently reach Kemijärvi and Rovaniemi and from there Pyhä-Luosto area by bus or taxi. You can check bus timetables from Matkahuolto and Getting to Pyhä.


Preliminary registration can be done by dropping us an email to sampo@polkunaturetours.fi. Please include your information such as name, surname, phone number and which hike are you planning to attend (HIKE & DREAM IN A TENT or HIKE & DREAM IN A HUT). We are more than happy to answer, if you have any questions concerning hikes, equipment, transport or other.

How do I prepare?

It is possible to borrow and rent equipment, such as a sleeping bag, sleeping pad etc. Participants will be sent a more detailed list of equipment, a safety plan and information on how to prepare before the trip. Test your own gear before you go, especially hiking shoes or boots. If you are in a doubt about the suitability of your equipment, please ask our guide in advance.

The level of difficulty of the hikes

Both hikes follow marked trails and day trips are moderate. However, the terrain in Pyhä-Luosto National Park is at places challenging due to height differences and rocky terrain. Hiking is an adventure so not everything can be anticipated. Equipment may get wet, blisters may form on the feet, and weather can change from sunny to rainy very quickly. An experienced and understanding guide will support you in these situations and advise you on how to best overcome challenges.


It is possible for participants of the either of the two hikes to take a backcountry kitchen course before the hike. This meal planning course is organised by wilderness guide Sonja Lassila. Sonja specializes in hiking food and meals, and she also prepares the closing lunch.

Food is of great importance on a hike and that’s why we offer participant hikers the opportunity to attend this hiking meal planning course. Course is organised as a webinar and can be participated from one´s own sofa. Course includes ideas for easy meal packages, tested and proven recipes, instructions for drying food at home and packing advice.

During the course, you can ask Sonja for advice concerning special diets and other things concerning your own eating habits and needs. Two-hours long online course costs 50 €/person.

You can follow Sonja and her tips on hiking food on Instagram @Sonjarnevi


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