Welcome to learn about Finnish nature, wilderness skills and folklore with us.

Hikers Basic Survival Skills

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Wild Food by Open Fire

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Veistäminen pahka

Campcraft and carving

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Enjoy the nature close to us.

Kayak trip to Pirates cave

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Walk with the Roe deer

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Savojärvi trail in Kurjenrahka National Park

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Enjoy the Lapland nature safely with an experienced guide.

Bushcraft and Survival in Lapland

Learn to live with the land with the skills that have kept people alive in arctic.


Classic route follows the fjelltops of the Finlands oldest national park.

Kevo Canyon

The open tundra, gardens of mountain birch and old pine trees mesmerize hikers along the biggest canyon in Finland.

Fatbiking in Pöyrisjärvi

Follow the trails of reindeer herders to the sand dunes of Pöyrisjärvi wildeness lake.