Workshop in nearby forest or true wilderness expedition in Finnish Lapland? Our bushcraft courses are for people who would like to challenge themselves on surviving in boreal forest and living not only off the land but with the land.

We at Polku want to encourage people to take a step deeper into the forest and find the nature within. We believe that anyone of us can. If you just dare to try. Find your nature with us!

Our fundamental value is that all of our bushcraft courses and other activities take place respecing nature and using it sustainably. On our courses we teach traditional bushcraft, survival and wilderness skills that are simple and minimize the need of materials. All carbon emissions caused by our transpots are compensated via Hiilipörssi. Read more about our values from here.

“The instructor of the course was very good and experienced and was very good at guiding and teaching.” (Feedback from high school survival course)

- Santtu

“Thank you for the professional instructor of the experience and tips for the future. Awesome experience that will not be forgotten! I got a lot of courage to do more adventures on my own, so this [hiking] will definitely continue. :)” (Feedback from the hiking course)

“The hike was a unique, insightfull and unforgettable experience. The route was not the easiest for a beginner, and at times it was excitingl, even though a basic sense of safety was maintained throughout the hike.”

“I got a lot of tips to try in future from the wild herb course! Thank you!”

- Haron

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