Rock climbing

Try rock climbing! In this Polku Nature Tours rock climbing course you get to test what it feels like to rise a vertical rock wall on your own, looking for grips for your feet and hands. The climbing is guided by an experienced instructor, so you can focus on your own performance.

During the activity, we will go through the safety and other equipment, learn the important knots and try the climbing in practice. The program can be customized: We can focus more on actual climbing or learn the basics of building anchors for your own future adventures by the rocks. 

Rock climbing is suitable for small groups. To ensure that the climbing goes smoothly without major waiting times, we take a maximum of three to four customers per instructor. Everyone gets to climb at least twice during the activity.

The rock climbing is located in Turku, Ravattula, Muikunvuori.

Note! Rock climbing is only possible in dry weather. Depending on the situation, the instructor will assess whether the climbing will be possible on the agreed day. Due to this, we do not charge a cancellation fee for this activity.

Instructions for rock climbing:

  • Participation in activities under the influence of alcohol is strictly forbidden.
  • The commands of the instructor must be followed.
  • It can be difficult for people with reduced mobility to participate.
  • Not recommended during pregnancy.
  • Normal exercise or outdoor clothing suits best. No skirts or long jackets. Please tie hair.  Your hairdo should fit under a helmet.
  • Report a possible serious chronic illness (eg. heart disease).
  • Instructors have the right to suspend activities for a specific person / group if the participant endangers safety.
  • The participant must be able to refuse if he / she does not want to participate in the activity.
  • The maximum weight of the climber is 120 kg.
  • Participation in activities is always at your own risk.


1–2 h


1 h: less than 4 climbers 220 €.
1 h: 4–7  climbers 350 €.

2 h: less than 4 climbers 280 €.
2h: 4–7  climbers 400 €.