Traditional bushcraft course

Polku’s traditional bushcraft skills course is a hike through the wilderness of Finnish Lapland. Along the way you will learn how to find food in the nature, to identify useful plants for different purposes and to camp and cook with simple methods. The hike is a peek to Finnish and Sami wilderness tradition at it’s best!

Traditional bushcraft skills course

2021 7.–12.8. In Enontekiö, Lapland

During the course we will cover following subjects: 

  • making fire with different techniques
  • setting up camp with simple gear
  • safe use of tools
  • edible plants and mushrooms
  • useful fungi
  • birch bark crafts
  • carving
  • simple fishing methods
  • natural cordage
  • campfire cooking
  • nature observation

Methods and materials used on the course are based on Finnish and Sami tradition that has evolved during centuries in harsh Nordic conditions.

How do I prepare?

Certain gear e.g. sleepingbags, pads, knives are available for lend. Complete gear list will be provided beforehand.

Make sure to test your gear – especially boots – before heading out. If you are unsure about suitability of your own gear, don’t hesitate to ask.

Do a couple of day trips of an overnight trip to make sure that your gear actually works for their intended purpose and you get some feel on carrying the backpack.

Difficulty rating

We will walk outside the marked paths but mostly on moderate terrain. Participants are expected to carry all their gear for 10–15 km per day and to make their own meals.

There is no wilderness huts, fire making places or compost toilets along the way. Participants will get a tarp to sleep under, but choosing to camp in own tent is also possible.

Traditional bushcraft course is an adventure where anything can happen. Your boots may get wet and you may get blisters. Sometimes it’s just otherwise wet, cold or miserable. Experienced guide is always there for you on those moments to help you through.

Course is not a turnkey holiday but a journey across the wilderness and also into your inner self.

What’s included?:

  • Guided hike in Finnish Lapland
  • Tarp and billycan for cooking
  • Materials for handcrafts
  • Some foodstuff for campfire cooking
  • Note: Travels to and from the starting point and food are NOT INCLUDED.


3 vuorokautta


335 € Telttavaellus

425 € Tupavaellus

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