Basic Survival Skills for a Wilderness Guide

On this one day long course teaches skills that a wilderness guide needs in their work to keep themselves and their group safe working and functioning. The course focuses on the basics. We promise that even the most experienced wilderness pros will learn plenty of new tricks and informations to use on their trip. Whether it’s a quick outing to a nearby shed or a longer hike in a remote wilderness.

The course is intended primarily for those who work as a wilderness guide or intend to do so, but anyone who moves in nature and is interested in survival skills is welcome to participate.


  • Theory of survival in Finnish conditions
  • For guidance work, all coping and first aid equipment included
  • Safe use of knife, ax and other tools in the nature
  • Boiling carving
  • Making a fire (building a campfire, choosing igniters, lighting with a spark plug and traditional methods)
  • Terrain-aid

How to prepare?

Bring weather suitable clothing, gloves suitable for preparing a campfire and all basic equipment used in guiding: backpack, knife, fire building and first aid equipment, drinking bottle, etc. One of the goals of the course is to share tips and learning with other participants as well so it is good to see different ways of doing, various equipments and modes of operation to inspire others and the other way round. For campfire dining, you will need your own cutlery. Remember to carry some snacks with you too.




129 € alv. 0% / person