Hiking – basic course

On the course you will get to know Finnish nature, hiking tradition of the north and  “everyone’s rights”, relevant gear and skills required for a safe expedition in boreal forest and tundra. The aim of the course is that you will feel comfortable to head to similar surroundings by yourself. We focus on relaxed nature observation and environmentally sustainable style of hiking.


The route is planned to be suitable for a beginner. No previous experience on wild camping or hiking is required. Normal physical condition and health is enough.


Before the course you will get a thorough briefing package to help on planning and preparing.


What’s included?

  • Guided hike in Finnish Lapland
  • Briefing by email to help with preparation
  • Please note: Trips to and from the starting point are not included

How should I prepare?

Certain gear like sleeping bags and mattresses, tents, backpacks, campstoves etc. can be borrowed. Please request beforehand. With the briefing package you will get a list of essential gear.


5–6 days depending on the route and destination


Starting from 495 e